Set design for the 'Pakhaus Berlin' stage at Milkshake Festival 2017
A central object made to project abstract images on.

Design: Loui Meeuwissen
Construction: Naigel Vermeulen and Loui Meeuwissen
Video projections: Syrtha
Pakhaus sign: Jasper Hoogland and Carlo Dijckmeester
Pictures: Dennis Bouman, Alwin Poiana

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is an HIV medicine that prevents from getting infected. Although its effect is proven, this medicine is not covered by health insurances in The Netherlands. Together with organizers Carlo Dijckmeester and TrashEra from Berlin we made a statement out of our stage set to raise awareness on the topic.

After the festival the decoration pieces were donated to PrEPnu and the Aids Fund.