A Party Scene

Live-streamed performance in the boiler room during open day of the Sandberg Instituut

A Party Scene shows the stereotypes you find at dance parties. There is the door bitch, who makes sure the right people come in. There is the DJ, admired by the public. There is the narcissist, constantly aware of the camera. There is the introvert, enjoying his space by himself. There is the phone-addict, constantly taking selfies, filming the DJ, and checking his social media.

The scene was live-streamed to a computer screen at another place inside the Sandberg Instituut. Visitors to the open day could see a party going on on the screen. On second look they would find out the scene keeps repeating itself. Every few minutes the introvert takes a key out of his pocket to snort some stuff. The couple in the corner keeps kissing.

Visitors could hear the beat coming from the boiler room, spreading around the building through the ventilation system. When they followed their curiosity they could find the actual performance taking place, and enter the tiny boiler room (three at a time) between the actors, facing the camera. Is this the party they saw on screen? Is this a real party? Are the other people visitors or actors? It becomes hard to distinguish what is real and what is staged. On closer look, even the DJ turns out to be a model.

A Party Scene mixes up audience and performer. It deals with the artificiality and the melancholy of the world of parties.