Lichtoord is a proposal for a spa with a swimming pool, sauna's, a steam bath and a restaurant. In this spa you can experience light therapy.

The three eye-catching towers contain a sauna heated by a wood fire with light therapy lamps in the walls, a sauna heated by hundreds of light bulbs, and a sauna with a huge color-changing light therapy sun hanging from the ceiling. Also, there's a bath with eternal rain dripping from the sky and a steam bath with fish swimming above the glass ceiling.

Many people suffer from winter depression. The most simple solution for depressions and concentration/sleeping disorders is light therapy. Nowadays light therapy is done seated in front of a daylight lamp at home or in a clinic. I think light therapy is a beautifully simple thing, so I erased the medical connotations it has, and made an experience out of it.

I imagine Lichtoord situated in a dike along the Maas river near the centre of Rotterdam. You enter the spa through a tunnel with water dripping from the mossy walls, leading through the dike from a dark swamp forest to an amazingly wide and sunny view over the river and the skyline of Rotterdam.



ink, pencil, cutout
hand painted collage on light box: ink, pencil, cutout