Celebration Scenes IV: The Buffet
at GRIP - PIP expo at The Grey Space In The Middle, The Hague

Collaboration with Anouk van Klaveren (Das Leben am Haverkamp)
Soundscape by Hyper Octane
Pictures by Lotte van Uittert

‘Celebration Scenes' is a series of performances and installations around the aesthetics and rituals of celebration. It is an experiment with the unwritten rules of 'gezelligheid'.
The Buffet is a typical celebratory setting, but this time the rules are different: two massive cakes with pictures of previous editions of Celebration Scenes are provided, but no knife to cut them. On the first cake one can recognise a cake box being opened, a cake with the same picture as the second cake. On the second cake one can spot a cup of pretzel sticks on the bar table, connecting to the work of Anouk van Klaveren.
Artist and goldsmith Anouk van Klaveren contributed with a set of pretzel sticks made out of copper with crushed pearl and opalite as salt crystals.
DJ/producer Hyper Octane made a soundscape including sounds of cutlery on plastic plates, clinking glasses and inappropriate fog machines.

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