Celebration Scenes III: Cake Moment
at Boy Scouts, Ruigoord Amsterdam

Soundscape by DJ/producer Ffranzz
Performers: Victor Studulski (pictures), Amber Vreeken, Melissa 't Hart, Wouter van der Hoeven, Thom Groenewegen

Celebration Scenes is a series of performances on the aesthetics and rituals of celebration. The scenes depict celebratory moments in life, but are no exact reproduction. By putting a party tent, bar tables and typical snacks in a new environment, ideas of what a party is are questioned. Clouds of fog and two people with cameras moving among the performers make the scene feel alienating. In the soundscape accompanying the performance, one can hear sounds of fog machines, clinking glasses, plastic cutlery, a fire alarm, and laughing gas balloons being filled. The first two acts during this night took place among the dancing crowd at the party. The third act took place in a separate room next to the dance floor where visitors could enter, confused by who's performing and what actions are staged.

Pictures by Victor Studulski