Celebration Scenes II: Cava Moment
at Lente Kabinet Festival 2019

Soundscape by DJ/producer Ffranzz
Performers: Mayte Breed (pictures), Hidde Feil (videos), Wouter van der Hoeven (live videos), Ilona Westrik, Sander Posdijk, Yoeri van Esseveld, Thom Groenewegen

Celebration Scenes is a series of performances on the aesthetics and rituals of celebration. The scenes depict celebratory moments in life, but are no exact reproduction. By building up and building down a party tent, bar tables and typical snacks in a new environment, ideas of what a party is are questioned. Clouds of fog and three people with cameras moving among the performers make the scene feel alienating. One of the video cameras is linked to a TV screen on stage and zooms in on the actions. In the soundscape accompanying the performance, one can hear sounds of fog machines, clinking glasses, plastic cutlery, a fire alarm, and laughing gas balloons being filled. Let’s have a plastic glass of cheap cava!

Pictures by Mayte Breed