In the scene
master thesis

The mind creates dreams, imaginations and hallucinations. Can I say something really happened if it happened in my head?

‘In the scene’ consists of individual scenes, which together form a bigger story in three acts. Narrated between reality and dream, sophisticated mind and unspoilt mind, show on stage and show in the mind. Written in the form of poetical, autobiographical and observational anecdotes. Parts of the thesis are implemented as voice-over in 'The Chapel' and in the audio piece 'I hear someone snoring softly, is it me?'
Thesis available on request.

- Spaces your parents don’t know about
- The floor dared me to take a walk
- I came to watch the decay
- Direction of distraction (bibliography)


When writing a story, anything is possible. Why would one stick to referring to things we know, like existing locations and credible situations? Why would one even use existing words or existing language? Why would one even stick to the medium of writing, or to any known medium?

There is a mountain and it is made out of reality. The mountain turns out to be an iceberg. The underwater part is the mental show, consisting of dreams, memories and hallucinations. It’s floating in an inconceivably big ocean of fiction. I love water but I’m afraid to let go of the land.
Sometimes it snows, sometimes parts melt, and sometimes the turbulent sea makes fiction reach the mountaintop.